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Learning Management system(TMT)

Training institutions are key actors in developing the capacity of local governments to create better cities for the urban people. They have a great challenge in providing, often with scarce resources, high quality and relevant training addressing the complex realities of today. Strengthening these institutes, and other local government training providers, is a priority for Oprian Systems & Solutions. The Training Management Tool is intended to strengthen these training institutions by supporting increased efficiency of processes involved and effectiveness of training courses, programmes, and other training interventions.


Since training institutions, as well as training programmes and projects can be very different, the Training Management Tool has been designed to be flexible and adaptable. It has three parts:

  1. My page” where you can create projects, share information with colleagues and training participants, manage participants, and upload training material and resources;
  2. Concept & tools” pages where you can read about the latest concepts on training for capacity development and download tools and templates; and
  3. About” pages where you can find more information related to the Training Management Tool.

How the Process Works:
At Oprian, we will work with your government agency and corporate institution to convert content into digital formats and make them accessible through (Virtual Schools) Learning Management Systems. In collaboration with your institution, we will design courses that are aimed at improving the skillset of your employees.

We also help develop courses from materials (be it video, documents or audio) that an institute wishes spread to the society such as training on Gender.

We will then upload these courses via your agency's website or intranet where they can be easily accessed by your staff. The benefit of this system is that your institution will be able to reduce the amount of money it spends on training workers. In the end, your employees will be able to master and improve on their existing skills to the benefit of your institution.

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