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With the clear business goals of maximizing business impact, Oprian systems & solutions strives to ensure that software solutions reduce cost and maximize business impact. Our simple yet powerful philosophy recognizes that IT in your business must run on business principles, creating more business value, while also supporting existing services at lower cost.
We employ the best IT talent in the industry in working with Proprietary and Open Source software platforms to deliver comprehensive, customer-focused solutions for clients across the Globe.

Oprian offers a variety of Information Technology solutions categorised as follows.

1. E-Learning Solutions

At Oprian Sysems & Solutions, we offer an interactive web based Learning Management System called the Learning Management Tool (LMT). This is an interactive website created to be utilized by training institutions and other training providers. It will support your organization in getting the most out of your training and assist in making sure that the training will have an impact also in the participants' organizations. The tool combines cutting edge theory, tools and inspiration for the different parts of the training process with functions supporting effective implementation and efficient administration. Read More >

2. Sacco Management Systems (MicroFinance Institutions)

Sacco master is a modular web-based application providing SACCOs with tools required to manage the needs of savings and loan Management. SACCO Master consists of modular based applications that integrate to provide a fully-fledged Enterprise level Software Suite to manage the needs of Savings management and Loan management. An integrated General Ledger and Accounts Management Module ensures that Accounts reporting can be handled without having to use a separate system to handle the same. It handles Member information and tracks the Savings and Loan activity with ease rendered over a secure intranet accessible via any standard web browser. Read More >

3. ERP Systems

This is the most powerful and comprehensive system available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries. Its deep functionality gives you unparalleled control over the complexities of your global operations, with over 30 modules . Read More >

4. Hospital & Clinic Management Systems

Oprian Hospital Management System provides the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. Amband HMS is powerful, flexible, easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals. More importantly it is backed by reliable and dependable Amband support team.. Read More >

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