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How to make money online in Kenya

There are so many ways to make money online in Kenya. While some of the online platforms falsely advertise on how to make money online in Kenya, there are some online money making methods that can absolutely change your life.

The top 6 ways to make money online in Kenya are the following:

1. Creating eBooks – these eBooks focuses on different topics that offer solutions to readers

2. eCommerce website – this is where you can create a shop online to display and sell a variety of products

3. Start a blog – having a website where you can blog about subjects that interest you can see you earning a substantial amount from pop up ads

4. Promoting Affiliate products – this is where you are promoting other people’s products and you make a commission off of those sales.

5. Sign up and get paid for your skills – using platforms like Fiverr and Upwork you can be hired to do freelance jobs that are specific to your skill set

6. Create your own YouTube channel – you can create your own brand name and select a specific category then start uploading your very own content.

7. Paid surveys – get paid for your opinion with websites such as Yoimpact and Mobrog

The internet has made money making easier and we have literally come into an age where the internet feeds us. Make use of your access to internet and make money today!

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