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Web Hosting Services


Web Hosting Services


Web hosting server selection is one of the very important decisions for your new site. The same way your customers depend on you to keep serving them, you depend on your server to keep running your business. You will need reliable, powerful, fast and a secure web hosting server for your business.

We offer high-performance, multi-processor RAID and highly scalable cloud servers. Our servers can handle either Windows or Linux operating systems for hosting applications on php or .net.

SSL Certificates

Having an SSL certificate for your site lets your customers know that their personal data is being sent to a legitimate organization and that their personal information will be encrypted while it is transmitted. Site abandonment rates are high for ecommerce sites without SSL certificates. This can lead to lost revenue, unhappy customers, and effect your reputation.

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Pricing and Plan

The Best Features At The Best Price. No costly surprises!

Domain Registration

Reserve your name on the Internet
From KES900 /p.a
Pricing renewable annually
  • Our Domain Registration Package include:
  • .co.ke Domains @ KES 900/= Yr
  • .com Domains @ KES 1,000/= Yr
  • .org Domains @ KES 2,260/= Yr
  • .net Domains @ KES 2,260/= Yr
  • .or.ke Domains @ KES 1,800/= Yr

Website & Email Hosting

Reliable cPanel based web hosting.
From KES2,100 /p.a
Linux web hosting plans great for any type of website!
  • Our Website & Email Hosting include:
  • 10 GB Web Hosting @ KES 2,100/= Yr
  • 20 GB Web Hosting @ KES 4,100/= Yr
  • 30 GB Web Hosting @ KES 6,100/= Yr
  • 40 GB Web Hosting @ KES 8,100/= Yr
  • 50 GB Web Hosting @ KES 14,100/= Yr
  • ∞ GB Web Hosting @ KES 20,100/= Yr
  • 24/7 Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Emails

Website Design Services

Impressive & effective online presence
From KES31,000
Cutting Edge websites
  • Web Design packages include:
  • Basic Website @ KES 31,000
  • Standard Website @ KES 59,000
  • Professional Website @ KES 89,000
  • Corporate Website @ KES 150,000